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Club Announcements

About Abu Dhabi 4x4 - AD4x4


This is the home of Abu Dhabi 4x4, The Capital Off-road Club. By entering the world of Abu Dhabi 4x4 you have made the best choice for family orientated off-road and outdoor fun.

AD4x4 was founded in summer 2006 by off-road enthusiasts creating a unique club with the mission to provide a meeting point for all addicted to the desert driving. We are proud to serve the entire bandwidth of nationalities working and living in the United Arab Emirates by accompanying them to the beauty of the desert.

As a club, we encourage and foster the safe use of your off road vehicle in different terrain. The club offers trips from advanced to novice, and offers driver training for those getting started.

The advantages of membership are many. They include meeting new people with the same interests making new friends. One of the biggest advantages of membership is that you can learn important skills in the company of experienced four wheel drivers.

We welcome all types of 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles; you will be assured of great fun, and a wide mix of other vehicles in our club. From purpose built competition cars, to family 4wds we've got them all.

We hold regular social activities, day trips, night-drives, early-birds, as well as Weekend camping trips. Every trip is rated so that you will know what to expect.

These trips are led by experienced trip leaders (Marshals) who can advise you on safe driving techniques and lend a hand in the event that you need assistance. You will learn the proper recovery methods in the event of a mishap (such as getting stuck).

As you're all part of the family of our club, the beloved Abu Dhabi 4x4. I thought you all should know a bit of history of the AD4x4 and the legacy that we as members should carry on and makes us all proud. When we started the club 13 years ago there were no clubs in Abu Dhabi for offroading and only 2 clubs before us were in other emirates that folded throughout the years. What made AD4x4 survive and remain strong? Despite huge obstacles that was there we never got stuck. The secret is us being a family, working together and bringing to the offroad community something very unique that made AD4x4 one of the biggest offroading clubs in the world.

In a much summarized bullet points kind of things that AD4x4 brought to the table were:

- Organized exploration of the magnificent desert and culture of our amazing country the UAE. We started offroading in places where no man or car ever been before and made it an offroad spot, now most of used as a reference for others even called officially by names we put in place, some places we used to offroad at got high rise building and huge projects now, when we pass by it we still remember to this very day the days when we used to "play" there.

- Love to the UAE, its culture and desert; most of us the founders of this club didn't know each other prior to founding the club, this common love and commitment to share this with others brought us together and we built on it a community and tried to maintain the spirit of caring, enjoying and safely offroad in the desert. Now 13 years later we are brothers.

- We created a system for offroading, never ever happened before a grading or interactive levels with the website was done. We added rules and enhanced them through the years by experience and hard work we became a benchmark and a textbook guidance where other clubs locally and internationally took as a reference and copied exactly our system, yet they cannot copy our spirits and dedication towards others in the offroad community.

- We knew we have a duty towards the community, we started organizing events, we started small and ended up organizing events to some of the biggest entities in the UAE. International events that full media coverage and offroaders coming from all over the world with partners such as: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Abu Dhabi Challenge, Jeep Jamboree (10 years in a raw) with Eastern and Western motors, The Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE, Liwa Festival, Cameron Desert Campaign (that was awarded Abu Dhabi Award as the same year by HH Shiekh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahayan), ADNOC, Emirates Driving School (The whole offroading course taught there is our work), Environmental Community of UAE, Clean Up the Desert Initiative with Sanid, Sanid crisis programme (As a crisis team), UNB, ADCB and the list goes on for me to list it in endless pages.

- We gave back to the community what we learned, we transferred our knowledge, through our forum and website.
- We shared and participated in many charity events like the cancer awareness sessions and many others as the least of duty that we can do to help in many causes.

- We brought the fun factor to the desert by organizing our own flavored events, like: GPS Challenge, DesNav, Treasure Hunt and many more.

- We spiced it up by modifying the cars professionally even way before 95% of the mod jobs even had proper modifications in the market, we order many things from outside and participated in shows to bring the wow factor to offroad cars rather than only muscle and speed cars.

- We were the first offroad club to be featured in magazines, newspapers, TV and all sorts of media before even social media was a thing that helped spread the word and bring the spot light to the offroading community.

- The last point that my old brain would think of is, we were lucky. Yes, we found the best bunch of people to offroad during the years that became our family and without them this offroad club would’ve not survived, you my dear reader member is one of those.

So now, you also carry the legacy of AD4x4, represent it well, be loyal and committed because one day it will be you telling the next generation maybe offroading on the moon the story of the offroad club that brought life to the sand dunes and paid a small part of your dues to the amazing country we all live in, the UAE.

I would like also to remind you to register and join our forums to stay connected with
our growing community online and to check out amazing pictures during our trips.

… we will see you out there!

The Founders