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Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:43 am
Lead by:

Supported by:
Marshal FidoDido & Abdul Qadir
Expert Kevin & Mark

Advance drivers:
1.Mira + Marshal Thomas

All met at Sweihan (BBQ point)
After preparing the cars and we finished the deflation,
I Started with safety & general briefing .

Radio channel selected & convey sat up as follow:
Mark was my second lead, followed by Mira , Kamran , Christian ,Fernando , René & Kevin was my sweeper ,
Marshal FidoDido & Abdul Qadir was watching the convoy from all sides.

We started worming up practicing the side cresting in the small dunes heading to Nugrah,
After the quick break , As everyone was comfortable I increased the level and started hitting higher dunes and practicing side crest .

(with Two stuck recovered quickly and in safe way and couple of second tries overall everyone was doing very well we reached near the Big bowl

After small break I give Mark a part lead he drove us to Nugrah we reached on time.
Thanks Mark for the lovely Track

We played around Nugrah and we drove Back to BBQ Point we reached on time

All drivers did very well. Thanks everyone for joining my first trip I hope everyone enjoyed it .

Thanks for Marshal FidoDido & Abdul Qadir and the supporting team Kevin & Mark .

Feel free to post your feedback

See you soon

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:01 pm
by petro
I'm still here 😔

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:15 pm
by Cannonball
Great day, great drive, great track and people. I enjoyed today a lot. Anytime again


Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:42 pm
by loefflmj1
Great trip Falcon! Slight delay in reaching BBQ deflation point as fog was very thick. Glad everyone got there safely. Enjoyed seeing some new faces, new vehicles, and those returning from summer break. Great having three Marshals for support. Everyone handled their vehicles well today. Thank you Falcon for allowing me to take the Lead for a portion of the trip to help build my leading skills, that was mighty generous of you. Hope everyone enjoyed the track today. Thanks sweeper and all support. Look forward to more safe expeditions.

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:18 pm
by tompa-bjorka
Joined today as passenger and enjoyed a lot. It is always worth the effort to get out of bed early a Friday morning to get to the desert :). Nice track, level was perfect, good lead by both of you, looking forward to join more of your drives in near future.


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Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:27 am
by Febaez
Great trip, thanks Falcon and support guys for some of the tips to improve my crest driving skills, there is always something nee to learn on each trip.

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:31 pm
by The Baron
Great 1st lead, Mohammed - nice track and really enjoyable drive. Was great to see everyone again and feel the sand under the feet (and wheels) again - been too long ago. As always, thanks to the Marshals for the support.

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:56 pm
by Abdul Qadir
Thanks Mohammed for organising the trip. It was a nice track. See you all soon again. Thanks playvsafe.

Re: Easy ADV Drive

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:52 am
by FidoDido
it was great drive with you guy. Well done Falcon for your first leading trip, we all enjoyed.

looking forward for the next one.