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7/30 Newbie Evening Drive Sweihan

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:04 pm
by petro
This was a Newbie evening trip with IRPFK and Caro supporting, and Erikrj, Umar and Blondie joining as newbies. The trip started with an adventure with Caro and I recovering a 4 door Chevy silverado buried to it's fram on the gatch, and the recovery vehicle that got stuck trying to recover it. :lol:

After that we had the safety briefing and headed out from the Sweihan BBQ point towards nagara. We had a CRV in our convy that Erikrj assured me was up to the task, but quickly realized that 4x4 drives are not sunset cruises in the sand. We headed back to the BBQ point and dropped Erik off and headed back into the dunes. The trip was pretty basic as Umar was taking his first 4x4 trip so we wanted to keep it easy. The sunset at 7:15, about halfway through the trip, and we continued a little ways on an easy night drive. Everyone did very well, and I hope they learned some things about straight cresting, night driving, flags, safety, driving with gravity, etc.

See you all next time. Thanks again IRPFK and Caro for the support.

Re: 7/30 Newbie Evening Drive Sweihan

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:54 pm
by irfpk
Thanks Petro for organising and leading newbie trip. It was indeed pleasure driving in company of fellow drivers. Looking forward to see you all in future trips.