Sunrise Newbie (Convoy 2)

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Sunrise Newbie (Convoy 2)

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Sunrise Newbies (convoy 2 Newbie)
Thanks, Zack, for organizing this trip. Thanks for all the marshals and experts that supported and made this morning’s trips Safe, Fun, and enjoyable by all. Zak split the group into three convoys, ANIT, NEWBIE, and FEWBIE.
Convoy 2 was led by Marshal Kevin, Maher, and Tim
We all met at the deflation point on time, deflated and split into the previously assigned convoys. We were missing one driver and after calling confirmed he was not going to make it. Maher conducted the safety briefing then Kevin highlighted the key safety parts of the briefing. Convoy order was established, and we lined up and did our radio check. Maher and took turns leading and supporting the convoy.

****Tim (lead first half/support 2half)
*****Kevin (2nd lead and advisor to everyone)
**Karman (sweeper)
****Maher (lead 2nd half/support first half)

We started off heading a little northeast and after straight cresting a couple of dunes Kevin directed more south easterly direction to avoid the technical dunes which was waiting for us in the direction I was heading. We experienced a couple of second tries and stuck vehicles before reaching the gatch. Once arriving at the gatch road and swapped leads and Maher took the lead heading towards Nagra dune. Was same scenario with a few second and third tries in the soft sand and heavy unmodified vehicles. Every time Kevin provided excellent feedback to the driver as well as Mahar and me. This was a learning trip for me as well as the Newbies.
At the start of the trip a couple of members ask if we could get them back my 9am to inflate. Kevin noticing the time (830) and the difficult time some were having in the soft sand decided to take the lead with Maher as 2nd until we reached the Gatch. We reached the Gatch at 9am, signed logbooks and let the two depart. Maher took back the lead and led the rest of us back to the inflation point while cresting a few more dunes along the way. We all arrived at the inflation point at 930am as scheduled. Everyone had smiles of enjoyment as they inflated and had their logbooks signed.
Thanks again Zak for organizing this trip, Thanks Kevin for supporting us and advising us this morning. Thanks Maher for leading and support, Thanks Karman for an excellent joy sweeping. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a wonderful morning. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the sand again soon.

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Re: Sunrise Newbie (Convoy 2)

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Thanks Tim, Kevin, Maher and Karman. Really enjoyed the trip and all the instructions. Looking forward to more!

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