Radio Channel Presets?

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Radio Channel Presets?

Post by MichaelB »

Hi All,

On the Radios, I have the channel presets are set to Ch01: 452.125 Ch02.453:225 Ch03:454.325, and Ch01:455.425, etc. I've found the below on the forum from a really old post and was wondering if the below is still correct?

CH01 462.5625 *
CH02 462.5875 *
CH03 462.6125 *
CH04 462.6375 *
CH05 462.6625 *
CH06 462.6875 *
CH07 462.7125 *
CH08 467.5625 *
CH09 467.5875
CH10 467.6125
CH11 467.6373
CH12 467.6625
CH13 467.8874
CH14 467.7125

Frequencies with stars are most commonly used (in practice usually 5,6,7,8 but you never know!).



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Re: Radio Channel Presets?

Post by scotchyl »

yes these remain the same.
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