Supercharge an SBC engine or go Third Generation LS engine

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Re: Supercharge an SBC engine or go Third Generation LS engine

Post by Adsonic » Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:33 pm

SSS wrote:uhh ... btw ... I can see Interco Trxus STS on your truck in the pic.

Do you buy them locally (in Kuwait?) or do you have to import them yourself?

How do you like them?

Actually I bought them few years back from a follow member. I love them, though they have weak rain characteristic and are so noisy on the street.

But to be frank, I love my old MT tires more.

When these wear out completely, I'm getting a another set of MT. Currently those are drying out and I'm worried to air them down low and get a popup cus the last time when they did I ended up taking them to the shop cus I couldn't set them back on the rim. The shop said that it was close to impossible to set them back seeing how dry they were and some parts of it were still sticking to the rim. The shop had to dump a whole tank of air few times just to set them back :cry:

MooD wrote:Hi Abdulla ..... Its Been a While since we've met In Kuwait And Here in AD ;)

Yalla Come to Abu Dhabi and Will Arrange A trip for You ;)
MooD my man, it was sure nice hearing from you again. Actually I was kinda surprised that you were not here during the African summit that was held here few weeks ago. I was hoping to catch up.

My TJ won't be seeing the dunes any time soon as I'm still facing issues with the registration papers. But I'm working on the Yukon to cover that gap, I'm planning on taking that fat beast to the sands ... and return to tell about it :D

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